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groupe Alcooliques Anonymes "Saint-Michel"

groupe Alcooliques Anonymes "Saint-Michel"

REUNIONS AA LUNDI & VENDREDI, 19h30-21h30 - (Reunión en español último viernes, 19h30-20h30) - REUNION AA OUVERTE DERNIER VENDREDI - Réunions AL-ANON & AEDA 2° & 4° MERCREDI, 19h30-21h30 - 82, Rue d'Oultremont 1040 Bruxelles - Fondé en avril 1984

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Publié le 6 Août 2016, 18:11pm

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Anonyme 29/04/2014 14:16

Thank you so much - GOOD 24 !!!

microneedle roller review 29/04/2014 13:57

Good to find the AA literature available to the group. You have shared some very useful links here and I am so grateful to you for that. I could find much relevant info from the family group site. Keep sharing such quality info.


Nous sommes sociaux !