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groupe Alcooliques Anonymes "Saint-Michel"

groupe Alcooliques Anonymes "Saint-Michel"

REUNIONS AA LUNDI & VENDREDI, 19h30-21h30 - (Reunión en español último viernes, 19h30-20h30) - REUNION AA OUVERTE DERNIER VENDREDI - Réunions AL-ANON & AEDA 2° & 4° MERCREDI, 19h30-21h30 - 82, Rue d'Oultremont 1040 Bruxelles - Fondé en avril 1984

GRAPEVINE avril 2010

Publié par groupe saint-michel sur 4 Juin 2010, 07:20am

Catégories : #GENERAL

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bryan 22/04/2010 13:30

Your AA group has a beautiful building. I think this is important as we should attract rather than promote! We must remain attractive for the new comer!
I hope that your home group sticks close to the literature, American AA has not, and it has become quite toxic. Everyone wants to talk about the 'problems' that affect their sobriety or serenity. I
know when I rely completely upon my creator, that He lead me beside still waters, that I stick close to Him and do His work well, He will take care of this knuckle head! and everything always works
out better than I could possibly dream of. I don't have 'Problems' that affect my sobriety, and if it affects my serenity, I probably am blocked from the sunlight of the spirit.
AA's around Atlanta GA do not want to hear that. We have allowed treatment facility psychology infiltrate our groups. We are instructed by our groups to come to an AA meeting and 'share' our
problems, so we can feel a little better, and kill the newcomer!
I take meetings into homeless shelters, and on Monday, I read the Big Book, and help them to see their truth through their experience. On Thursday, I try to run interference by talking about what
they hear in the AA meetings around town, and try to dispel all the crap that they have been told. (false beliefs) .
It has brightened my day!


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